Why choose us?

Easycloud offering pay-as-you-go cloud computing that charges based on usage and no any hidden cost.

Storage as a Repository

Keeping longer term backups to satisfy a company retention policy.

Backup as a Service

Backup you data to cloud for additional copy.

Disaster Recovery as a Service

Business continues event of any disaster recovery.

Infra as a Service

Reduce Capex to Opex by moving to cloud.

Easycloud Sdn Bhd

Easycloud Sdn Bhd (Easycloud) is established as cloud service provider in Malaysia Data Center locally.

“ I’m using Tape Backup…”

Ask any end user what are their top 3 challenges?

  • “My backup window is too long, sometimes it takes all night to backup and still it is incomplete when I arrive back at work in the morning”
  • “I have been hit by Ransomware, and I have to roll back to the previous night’s backup. I have lost a whole days’ worth of work”
  • It is taking days to get my Exchange server back up online, we have not received emails for days”

What is the BUSINESS IMPACT to the customer if they lose data or have extended downtime?